Simple Apple Cake / Recipe りんごケーキの作り方 レシピ |

Simple Apple Cake / Recipe りんごケーキの作り方 レシピ 
This is simple cake mixing all ingredients in one bowl.
You can also use pear instead of the apples.

– 4-5 apples
– 1 table spoon sugar and water to poach the apples
– 1 egg
– 30g sugar
– 200mL milk (any type)
– 160g Greek yoghurt
– 60g almond meal
– 140g self-raising flour

1. Peel all apples and line it up in a pot
2. Add sugar and water to poach
3. Simmer well and take it off from the heat to cool
4. In a bowl mix egg, sugar, milk, Greek yoghurt, almond meal and self-raising flour
5. Line up the apples in a cake pan
6. Pour the batter over the apples
7. Bake it for 35-40minutes at 180℃
8. Cool it and ready to serve!


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9 Layer Cake – 九层糕 |

Recipe at:

Well known for its nine distinctive colours, this popular steamed cake also known as ‘Jiu Ceng Gao’ in Chinese or ‘Kueh Lapis’ in Malay, is a pleasure to both the eyes and palate. Smooth rich texture accompanied by the delicious blend of coconut and pandan flavour, this old time favourite is sure to get your taste buds beckoning for the next bite.

You can now recreate your very own version of this traditional 9 Layer Cake! Don’t be put off by the multiple layers; making this colourful treat is not tedious at all. But rather, it’s a process that requires patience. Each layer needs to be treated with tender care and delicacy to make it extra special. Nothing beats seeing layer after layer of brightly coloured hue set on top one another till it forms that striking block of chewy sweet goodness.

The uniqueness of this recipe is its flexibility – get your inner artist working and personalize each layer of colour to your own liking. Enjoy this classic snack in one bite, or have a little fun savouring layer by layer of that soft chewiness. This vibrant layered cake is a nostalgic treat for both the little ones and the young at heart to enjoy.

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Superfood Summer Salad Recipe with Saucy Sea Bass

This is a paid AD by The Saucy Fish Co. Look who’s popped in for a little bit of Garden Party frivolity – it’s Haste’s Kitchen, everybody! He has very kindly teamed up with me, today, along with the lovely people at The Saucy Fish Co. and their new frozen range, to create the ultimate Superfood salad for your Summer exploits. We are going to be making a gorgeous medley of broccoli, quinoa, edamame bean, avocado, spinach, pumpkin seeds – all the beautiful things – to pair beautifully with our Saucy Sea Bass and Salsa Verde

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200g brocolli florets
200g edamame
2 avocados
250g cooked quinoa
2 bags baby spinach
3 pomegranates
100g pumpkin seeds, tossed gently in a dry pan until slightly popped

Combine and enjoy! xx


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The TRUTH about Smosh (Not Clickbait!!!) – Epic Meal Time |

This week our friends from Smosh come help us make this insane burger we like to called Juicy Jacuzzi Burger! Come check it out to be amazed!

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Pastillas Cake Recipe | Yummy Ph |

The Filipino milky favorite, pastillas, takes on a new form with this festive cake recipe.

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Recipe for raw vegan Tzatziki |


When I was a kid, our family spent several summer holidays in Greece, indulging in the beautiful scent of herbs and trees, blue seas with amazing beaches, the white stone buildings with blue doors everywhere, and of course, food! Tzatziki is one of my favourite Greek dishes, refreshing, full of flavour and easy to make.

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Eggless Pineapple Pastry Recipe (पाइनएप्पल केक) |

This recipe video is targeted towards Hindi speaking people.

Ingredients- सामग्री

For cake
1 ½ cups plain flour (मैदा)
1 ½ cup milk (दूध)
½ cup powder sugar (पाउडर चीनी)
3 tbsp oil (तेल)
3 tbsp butter (मक्खन)
1 tsp vanilla essence (वैनिला एैसेन्स)
1 tsp vinegar (सिरका)
½ tsp baking soda (बेकिंग सोडा)
1 ½ tsp baking powder (बेकिंग पाउडर)
for frosting
whipped cream (फेटी हुई मलाई)
chopped pineapple (अनानास)
Pineapple Syrup (अनानास सिरप)

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Eggless Orange Cake with Cooker recipe /Orange Sponge Cake without Oven recipe. |

This orange cake is the perfect example. I have baked this recipe many times already (
It’s super easy, takes you 10 minutes max to prepare, and it tastes amazing: fragrant, moist, tender with a wonderful fresh and delicate taste of orange.

Almost every time I am invited somewhere at the very last minute and I am supposed to bring the dessert than i go for this one. No need to go for a fancy recipe, often, simple is best!

And the good thing with this orange cake is that you can actually add a new twist to the recipe each time you bake it. There are plenty of options depending on your mood, your tastes, and the ingredients you have at hand.
My hubby just loved this cake but orange season not round the year so i decided to baked with dry ingredients like orange powered sugar,orange emulsion,& surly no eggs so use curd & oil.
The positive side is he likes more than with original Juice.

I have many good memories around this recipe but I think one of my favorites​ is when I baked it for breakfast last summer when my brother and his family & my Mama,Papa were visited at my home and shared this deliciously moist cake with the kids, enjoying simple moments of life – the best ones!
My many viewer wants just simply to baking in Pressure Cooker recipes instead of ovens baking so this time i decided to baked with there choice & result are amazing.
So please watch this video step by step in details & to be enjoy even without oven.

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